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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works




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In the list after titles of works given in brackets dating: [day.month] – a specific date in the autograph, [print] – the date of the first print, [tentative] – the date on the basis of research. No detail is given, if autograph date contain only year (no day or month). In the preparation of this web edition for some works offered new dating. They highlighted as M.Zharkikh's notes.


Tales on farm near Dikanka: Foreword of Panko Red / Translation from N. Gogol.

Missing document / Translation from N. Gogol.

Magic place / Translation from N. Gogol.


From the poem "Konrad Wallenrod" / Translation from A. Mickiewicz. [Print, 5.15]


Odyssey / Translation from Homer.


Pauvre gens / Translation from Victor Hugo. [September – October]

The life and philosophical thoughts of penguin / Translation from P.-J.Etcel.

Nymphs / Translation from Ivan Turgenev. Dated based on the mention of this translation in letter of Lesja Ukrainka to M. Kosach from 08.12.1889.

Gulliver / Translation from D. Swift. This translation was mentioned in letter of Lesja Ukrainka to M. Kosach from 08.12.1889. Its fate is unknown.

Pink Cloud / Translation from Georges Zand. This unfinished translation was mentioned in letter of Lesja Ukrainka to M. Kosach from 08.12.1889. Its fate is unknown.


Lyrical songs / Translation from Heinrich Heine.

Return home / Translation from Heinrich Heine.

Global darkness / Translation from Heinrich Heine.

Ratcliff / Translation from Heinrich Heine.

From a trip to Harz / Translation from Heinrich Heine.

Neue Liebe / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [05.26]

Storm / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [Tentative]

From "Rig-Veda"

"Meek poets, sing!" / Translation from Victor Hugo. [Tentative]


A fragment of a translation Bible book of Genesis.

A fragment of the translation Bible book prophet Ezekiel.


Fragment of the prophet Isaiah Bible book (chapter 1). Lesja Ukrainka sent it to M.P.Dragomanov with letter dated 27.10.1892 . We place it also as separate document.


Atta Troll / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [6 Feb]

Moore's King / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [Tentative]


"In heaven we have no good father…" / Translation from German. [Sep 27]

History and Religion of Jews" / Translation from Maurice Verne.

Bible, or Old Testament / Translation from Maurice Verne [1 half of the year]

Gospel / Translation from Maurice Verne [1 half of the year]

Lesja Ukrainka translated a book by Maurice Verne "Sacred history". Notes on this translation is in its letters dated 15.09.1894 by and 17.09.1894. Its fate is unknown.


Macbeth / Translation from W. Shakespeare.

"When I dream, that you love me…" / Translation from J. Byron. [30 March – 10 April]

Cain / Translation from J. Byron. [30 March – 10 April]

Hell. Ode 5 / Translation from Dante. [Tentative]


From the poetic heritage – Weavers / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [Tentative]

"Sadly spring among grass…" / Translation from A. Negri. [Tentative]

Who from what live / Translation from S. Dikstein [tentative the end of 1899].


Enfant perdu / Translation from Heinrich Heine. [Before 23 Mar]

Weavers / Translation from G. Hauptmann [October 1899 – June 1900]

The inevitable / Translation from M. Maeterlinck [print, 1.9]

Olives branches / Translation from M. Maeterlinck. Translation of this philosophical essays by M. Maeterlinck is not published, it is stored in the archives of the poetess. [Tentative]


Perfume / Translation from L. Jakobovsky [tentative]

As I once forgot the god / Translation from L. Jakobovsky [tentative]


Easter in jail / Translation from M. Rosenbaum. [May – June]

First May / Translation from E. de Amicis. [Prints, 6.15]

Two children / Translation with E. de Amicis. [June]

Mary Konopnicka's Poetry / Translation from M. Konopnicka [December]

An Italian folk song / [Tentative]


Tale of the wicked king / translation from F.V.Volkhovsky [April].

Blame himself / Translation from Ivan Franko.

Good earnings / Translation from Ivan Franko.

At the bottom / Translation from Ivan Franko.

Ripnyk, Slymak / translations of Franko [August-September]. These stories, like the previous, was translated for publishing "Don Speech". They were announced on the covers of other publications, but were not published because publishers seemed anti-Semitic (M.O.Moroz Chronicles of life and creativity of Lesja Ukrainka. – K.: 1992, p. 373).

Translating stories by O.Kobyljanska and V.Stefanyk into Russian for publishing "Don Speech". [Summer] Their execution is mentioned in the book O.Kosach-Kryvynjuk (Kosach-Kryvynjuk O. Lesja Ukrainka: Chronology of life and creativity. – New York: 1970, p. 724), but they are unknown.


To the light! / Translation from Ivan Franko.

Forests and pastures / Translation from Ivan Franko. [Tentative]

History of the sheepskin coat / Translation from Ivan Franko. [Tentative]

Letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians


The case of Irish language / translation article by Fegi. – We'll post the translation as soon be able to get the specified release.


End of strike / Translation from A. Negri. [January]


The lyrical songs of ancient Egypt / Translation. [01.01]

"It was a oasis in the salt man…" / Translation [Tentative the end of 1900th]

The history of peasant / Translation from the book H. Maspero "Popular stories of the old Egypt". Lesja Ukrainka began to translate this story (beginning of the manuscript preserved, rewritten by C.Kvitka's hand – f. 2, № 918) [Tentative 1911]

Wow! Wolfes! / Translation from J. d'Espardes [Tentative the end of 1900th]