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Lesja Ukrainka

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Folklore records

Here are published all known to date folklore records by Lesja Ukrainka and recorded with her singing by N.Lysenko and K.Kvitka. The author's systematization of some song cycles is fully maintained, which was published during the life of poetess or prepared for publication (sometimes with K.Kvitka). After recording by Lesja Ukrainka published as integral parts songs written after her singing by N.Lysenko and K.Kvitka.

Submitting records by Lesja Ukrainka from her handwritten notebook, also published those lyrics, which are recorded in notebook by her sister Olga, because they mainly sang mostly by same girl (Barbara Dmytruk), from which recorded Lesja Ukrainka.

Thus, the adopted system of presentation consistently reveals development of the poetess' interests in folk songs and her attempts to release collections of folk and more.

The vast majority of published folklore has lists of variants, prepared by Lesja Ukrainka and Clement Kvitka. Often the sources are reduced, thus reducing this variety. When preparing an electronic edition we unified these abbreviations, to see the full text description of the source one have click the appropriate link: Giltebrandt, 205.

Explanations by Lesja Ukrainka and Clement Kvitka footnotes placed in text, comments that are submitted by compilers have remark "Red."

In their folklore records Lesja Ukrainka kept dialectal form and character pronunciation of certain words and expressions. However, the preparation of this song texts dialect pronunciation is stored only in some cases.

Added alphabet index of songs by their first line. If the song has a title, he presented in brackets. It happens that some song titles included in an index several times – this means that the lyrics recorded by Lesja Ukrainka, and its melody with some variations – by N.Lysenko and K.Kvitka.

Lesja Ukrainka's folklore records

Midsummer in Volyn (1893)

Description of Polissja house – Lesja Ukrainka in the letter to Ivan Franko of 23.10.1893 promised to send this note. It was lost.

Recordings of folk superstitions in Kolodjazhne and Myropillia – Lesja Ukrainka in 1893 sent to M.P.Dragomanov following entries: 1. "It is said that mosquitoes – servants of devil and the drinked blood bear to devil". 2. "Earth, man is under fingernails, is the devil's earth." 3. "Settlement with the devil the souls of relatives". They are not published for some reason.

Recordings in the village Kolodjazhne (1891)

Recordings in the villages Dovhopole and Burkut (1901)

Children's games, songs and tales (1903)

Folk songs to dance (1904)

From the repertoire of kobzar Gnat Goncharenko (1908)

Recordings of folk songs singed by Lesja Ukrainka

Folk songs, written by Mykola Lysenko

Folk songs, written by Clement Kvitka