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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works



[Letter to friends] (1895)

"Unpardonable" patriotism (1895)

Religious sions in Ukraine (1895)

"Beseda" – Journal of Baptists (1895)

La voix d'une prisonnieri russi (1896)

"Not that enemies as good people" (1897)

Addition of the editor to Ukrainian translation of book "Who live…" (1899 – 1900's)

An article sent to the newspaper «Zeit», no later than February 16, 1903. The article probably was not published, and it fate is unknown. More…

Article, sent to Journal Ruthenische Revue. We know about it from the letter by Lesja Ukrainka to her Olga Kobyljanska send 15/08/1903. Article is not found.

Publicist article on the autonomy of Ukraine to the newspaper "Rus". Lesja Ukrainka mention it in letter to her sister Olga at October 25 (7 November) 1905. From letter by Lesja Ukrainka to Agatangel Krymsky of 3 (16) November 1905 shows that the article was sent to St. Petersburg newspapers, but was not published. Its fate is unknown.