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False views of Oksana Zabuzhko to Lesja Ukrainka

Nicholas Zharkikh



Article devoted to the book «Notre dame d'Ukraine» by Oksana Zabuzhko, published in 2007 in Kyiv publishing house "Fact". Book is devoted to Lesja Ukrainka. It is written in the genre, intermediate between mythography and graphomania, and contains many false statements (ie those that contradict the positive scientific facts), and a number of provisions which are subjectively inacceptable for me.

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Dictionary of unprecedented words

Lesja Ukrainka mistakenly credited to philosophers

Ideal Ukrainian by Zabuzhko's representations

The root error

Gnostic theorems of O.Zabuzhko

1. Lesja Ukrainka – representative of gnostic philosophy

2. Environment of Lesja Ukrainka was gnostic

3. Ukrainian intelligentsia as a carrier of Gnosticism fundamentally different from the Russian Orthodox intellectuals

4. Gnosticism comes to the Ukrainian intelligentsia from its cossack-noble past

5. Ukrainian Cossack nobility comes from the medieval knight-gnostic sects of medieval Europe

6. Historical pessimism of Lesja Ukrainka

7. Lesja Ukrainka – poetess of defeat

What is gnosticism

Zabuzhko not understand texts of Lesja Ukrainka

False views of Zabuzhko to drama "Light blue rose"

False views of Zabuzhko to dramatic poem "Possessed"

Who is Zabuzhko…

…and how she fights against populists…

…and against the social democrats

False views of Zabuzhko on social status of Lesja Ukrainka

The verdict of history court in "criminal case" of Lesja Ukrainka


You made a mistake, albeit in good faith.

In this "esoteric" way of reading the works of Lesja Ukrainka, that continually demonstrates O.Zabuzhko, is direct damage to our literature. After reading Zabuzhko all decide that Lesja Ukrainka is a field where the crazy compete with each other in mad and leave read… not Zabuzhko, but Lesja Ukrainka or in general Ukrainian literature.

But if the book Zabuzhko really so bad as it looks from my presentation, is worth even writing about it?

Why I wrote this article?

First of all, in order to show that in Ukraine are khights of good sense, which may repulse enraged feminists attacs to Lesja Ukrainka.

In addition, the article specifically intended for people who are interested in Lesja Ukrainka, but do not have the strength and time to systematically study the subject. For such people ("first-time readers") first book for some topics, which they read, often becomes a source of information and views on entire life, and the author's views became views of the reader.

Harmful effects of Zabuzhko's book to first-time readers cannot be ignored. As is obvious falsity and absurdity of the views of the author for connoisseurs, but for first-time readers her mystical extravagantions may seem convincing, since they have no other knowledge on the topic. The article has become an antidote to the views of Zabuzhko.

So if you, reader, have not bought a book Zabuzhko – do not regret; rejoice that you have savings fifty hryvnas. But if you have already made such a reckless consumption – do as advised by publishing house "Fact", namely: put it on the highest shelf, which is only in your house, and never take it from this shelf. So you do a favor to yourself and to people.

Why I appreciate Lesja Ukrainka

Now, after three months of reading Zabuzhko's book and two months writing article, I put the book on the highest shelf, which is in my house. If Zabuzhko loves Lesja Ukrainka in wrong manner, then how it will be true? What I appreciate Lesja Ukrainka?

1. I like her works. "Like" – is an expression of feeling, irrational things that needs no further explanation.

2. Nice to feel the sound of intelligent woman. Lesja Ukrainka shows example that can be Ukrainian and if so – highly educated and talented person.

3. Lesja Ukrainka's creativity in whole – a perfect image of ideal Ukraine, which is worth fighting for and offer life.

"Offer life" – is also from the sphere of feelings, of the same, which applies to "like". The life offer to thing that is liked. Of course, not all and not everyone likes so much to sacrifice their lives, but each Ophir, all heroism, every national solidarity begins with that like.

Ideal, created by Lesja Ukrainka, inspired to fight and heroism, and thus ideal Ukraine was implemented on our sinful earth. Therefore, our Lesja has every right to be called Ukrainian with capital letters.

Kyiv. Completed September 5, 2007.