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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Berlin (Johannisstrasse, 11; 1899)

Modern residential house in Berlin on…

Modern residential house in Berlin on Johannisstrasse, 11

Google Panorama Photo (October 2009):

Lesja Ukrainka left Kyiv to Berlin about January 10, 1899. On the way she stopped at Kolodjazhne, January 13 she left for Warsaw, where she arrived on January 14. On January 16, she left for Berlin, where she arrived on January 17, 1899.

She was staying at Ms. Blum’s boarding house at Johannisstrasse, 11. Here were housed patients of the private clinic [one should think that the clinic was either in the same or in some neighboring house].

Lesja Ukrainka complained that she could hardly do literary work during her recovery; nevertheless, in May 1899, she translated into German her story "Loudly strings", June 5 (17) wrote poetry "Return".

June 19 (July 1) 1899 Lesja Ukrainka, accompanied by her sister Olga, left Berlin for Kyiv and on to Green Grove.

Johannisstrasse is a small narrow street in the heart of Berlin, very close to the Spree River. Nowadays, there is absolutely no old building, all the houses are in the style of constructivism (as in the photo). It is thought that the old houses were destroyed during the Second World War and demolished during the post-war reconstruction of Berlin.

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