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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Kyiv (Nazarivska, 21; 1895 – 1897)

Building on Nazarivska street, 21 in…

Building on Nazarivska street, 21 in Kyiv. The main facade

Photo M.I.Zharkikh June 12, 2008

The house on Nazarivska street, 21 belonged to Yazeva. Kosach family rented an apartment here from 16.09.1894, Lesja Ukrainka came to Kyiv and moved here October 11, 1895, where she met with students Nestor Hambarashvili and Sergei Frenkel, who rented accommodation in Kosach family, and lived up to May 1896.

Since October 1896 Lesja Ukrainka again lived in Kiev in this house – until May 3, 1897. The next time she moved to Kyiv in late August 1898 and lived here to the first numbers in January 1899 (when she moved to Berlin to do the surgery). After surgery, she returned to the house about June 21, 1899 for three days, and went further – in the Zelenyj Gaj. In early September 1899 she returned to Kyiv already in the new Kosach's apartment on Mariinsko-Blagoveschenska (Saksaganskogo) street, 97.

Please be aware that guides give false information about the time the residence of Lesja Ukrainka here: "1895-97, in May 1899" [Kyiv: encyclopedic handbook. – K.: 1981, p. 618; Digest of history and culture of Ukraine: Kyiv. – K.: 1999, v. 1, part 1, article "The House on Vetrova street, 21"]

Please be aware that even for the life of Lesja Ukrainka house at that address was demolished. Parcel of land purchased by doctor M. Trofimov, who ordered the architect G. Ledohovsky draft of three-story apartment building in the style of Secession. This house was built in 1910 – 1911 years (and so it submitted the photo). In 1950th was builded 4th floor. It should also know that under Soviets, this street called the Vetrova street; in 2011, the Kyiv city council voted to back titles – Nazarivska.

In 1954 on the building was installed a memorial plaque in memory of Lesja Ukrainka's residence. In 1971, it replaced with new one. But in 2008, this plaque has not been in place…

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