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Lesja Ukrainka

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Sofia (1894 – 1895)

The house in Sofia (40, Ivan Denkoglu…

The house in Sofia (40, Ivan Denkoglu St.), where Mikhail Dragomanov lived with his family

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Lesja Ukrainka came from Kolodyazhne (through Lviv) to Sofia on June 1 (13) in 1894 and stayed in the family of her uncle M. P. Dragomanov. At this time, she completed the translation of the brochure "Bible" by Morris Verne, translated his brochure "Gospel».

About July 15, 1894, Lesja Ukrainka together with her cousins Lydia (Dragomanov-Shishmanova) and Ariadne moved to rest in the village Vladaya, where she lived until August 25..27, 1894.

Also, sometime in the fall (?) ff 1894 Lesja Ukrainka and Ariadne Dragomanova visited the city Philippopol (Plovdiv).

At the beginning of 1895, Lesja Ukrainka wrote an essay "Volyn samples. 1. School", "Letter to friends", then the article "Unceremonious patriotism", poetry "Prophetic dream of a patriot", worked on article about John Milton.

From July 8 to July 31, 1895, Lesja Ukrainka rested in Vladaya for the second time. On July 31, 1895, she wrote poetry goodbye to Ariadne Dragomanova, left Sofia August 1 and via Belgrade to Lviv.

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