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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Lviv (Glyboka str., 7; 1894)

Place of the house at Glyboka str., 7…

The place of the house on the Glyboka street, 7 in Lviv

Photo by M. I. Zharkikh April 7, 2012.

May 27-28 (June 8 – June 9) 1894 Lesja Ukrainka on the road from Kolodjazhne to Bulgaria stopped in Lviv at I. Franko’s apartment. At that time he was living in the wing of the house number 7 on the Glyboka street.

May 29 (June 10) 1894 Lesja Ukrainka left Lviv and via Chop – Budapest – Belgrade 1 (June 13, 1894) arrived at Sofia.

Somewhere in the second half of the 20th century. the grateful descendants tore down both the front house and the wing building, leaving us only a memorable place.