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Lesja Ukrainka

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1987, Kosivschyna

Monument to Lesja Ukrainka in the…

Monument to Lesja Ukrainka in the village Kosivshchyna

Photo by Alexei Sirobaba June 22, 2016

Kosivschyna is a village on the river Psel, 3 km below the city Sumy (now – Sumy district and region). Lesja Ukrainka came here from Kyiv (tentatively) in mid-April 1889 and lived until (tentatively) mid-May 1889 (departure to Kharkiv; date in the Julian style). At this time, she was treated by the folk doctor Paraska Nazarivna Bogush (1826 – 1907). The street on which was the P. N. Bogush’s manor (not preserved) is named after Lesja Ukrainka.

Impressions of being in Kosivshchina reflected in the story «Spring singing», written in December 1889, and in letter to Antonina Makarova since February 24, 1895.

In 1987, in the village of Kosivshchyna, the bust of Lesja Ukrainka by the sculptor Ja. D. Krasnozhon was installed.