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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Kyiv (Tarasivska str., 7; 1889)

Apartment building in Kyiv on the…

Apartment building in Kyiv on the Tarasivska street, 7

Photo by M. I. Zharkikh April 7, 2009.

Lesja Ukrainka came from Kolodjazhne to Kyiv approximately March 15, 1889, and stopped at Elisabeth Ivanovna Rashevska on Tarasivska street, 7. She lived here until mid-April 1889, treating a sick foot with a massage. From here she went to the village Kosivshchyna near Sumy.

The memorable building No. 7 has not been preserved, in its place a three-storey residential building (pictured) was constructed in the 1920s construction style.