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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


House in Tbilisi (Besiki str., 23; 1904 – 1905)

Apartment building on the Besiki…

Apartment building on the Besiki street, 23 in Tbilisi

Photo from July 2019: . In the photo on the left – Besiki str., on the right – an unnamed lane leading to the Dmitry Kipiani street.

For the second time Lesja Ukrainka came to Tbilisi from Kyiv on October 23, 1904, she settled in K. V. Kvitka’s apartment (23 Davydovska Street – now Besiki Street).

Here she wrote poetries «When I look deep into my dear eyes…», «Oh, don’t scold me, darling, for dreams of glory…», «Oh, the golden thorns are not gone», «Eppur ti tradiro…», «Songs from the cemetery», a fantastic drama «Autumn fairy tale», article about the work of V. Vynnychenko, essay «Ghost", finished the story «Friendship».

On May 24, 1905, Lesja Ukrainka left Tbilisi for Odessa and then for Kyiv.