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Lesja Ukrainka

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House in Tbilisi (K. Makashvili str., 2; 1903 – 1904)

Residential building on the Kote…

Residential building on the Kote Makashvili street, 2 in Tbilisi

Photo by Igor K., October 2019: . In the photo on the left – Zandukidze str. (on some city plans this house is marked at 20 Zandukidze Street), on the right – K. Makashvili str.

Lesja Ukrainka came from Kyiv to Tbilisi (Tiflis) for the first time in early September 1903 (on September 5 she was still in Kyiv, on September 13 – already in Tiflis). K. V. Kvitka helped her rent an apartment in Hitarov’s house on the Ter-Gukasovska street (now it is the house № 2 on Kote Makashvili Street).

During her stay in Tbilisi, Lesja Ukrainka wrote poems «What will give us strength?», «One word", poetries "I knew there would be tears, pain…», «Daughter of Jephthah».

At the end of April 1904, Lesja Ukrainka gave up an apartment on Ter-Gukasovska Street and lived for two weeks in the «Victoria» Hotel on Dvortsova Street (now it is part of Shota Rustaveli Avenue). On May 5, she left for Batumi and then by sea to Odessa, where she arrived on May 11. On May 21, 1904, she returned to Kyiv.