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Lesja Ukrainka

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Place in Chernivtsi (Tomashchuka str., 6; 1903)

Fragment of Konstantin Tomashchuk…

Fragment of Konstantin Tomashchuk Street in Chernivtsi

Photo from Google panoramas (June 2015):

Lesja Ukrainka came to Chernivtsi from Lviv May 23 (June 5) and stayed in Olga Kobylyanska’s apartment. At that time, the Kobylyansky family lived on the Zoryana street, 6 (this street was called Khotynskykh Komsomoltsiv Street under the Soviets, now – Kostiantyn Tomashchuk Street).

Lesja Ukrainka stayed in Chernivtsi until June 6 (19), 1903, when she left for Kyiv.

In the photo on the left – a house № 8 in the style of constructivism (on some plans of the city it is mistakenly marked as № 6), on the right – a one-story house behind a fence and a hedge. On city plans, it is marked as № 4, while the house № 6 is not at all. Meanwhile, there should be a memorial plaque to Olga Kobylyanska on this house!