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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Prague (1903)

Residential building in Prague on the…

Residential building in Prague on the Na Bojišti street, 12

Photo with Google panoramas (June 2019):

Returning from San Remo to Kyiv, Lesja Ukrainka arrived in Prague on May 16 (29), 1903 and stayed with her friend M. V. Kryvyniuk.

Where Kryvyniuk lived then is not entirely clear. M. O. Moroz gives the address Taborska, 3 [Moroz M. O. Chronicle of the life and work of Lesja Ukrainka. – К.: 1992, № 1882], instead S. Kocherga in the preface to the book "Letters go so long«" [K.: Prosvita, 2003, p. 10] gives the address Na Bojišti, 12 (pictured).

On May 18 or 19 (May 31 or June 1), 1903, Lesja Ukrainka went on to Lviv.