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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Yalta (1890)

Panorama of Yalta from the west. Photo…

Panorama of Yalta from the west. Photo early 20th cent.

Filed by edition: Lesja Ukrainka. – K.: Soviet School, 1979, p. 99.

Lesja Ukrainka first arrived in Yalta with her mother on August 20, 1890. On the way from Sevastopol, they saw Bajdary Pass and Shaitan-Murdven (Devil’s Ladder). We do not know where they stayed during this visit. On August 22, 1890, they left the Yalta by steamer to Odessa.

This trip was reflected in Lesja Ukrainka’s verses «Bajdary","Murdven","Nadson’s house in Yalta».

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