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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


“Lesya Ukrainka, her life, her poetic works and her activities in the social sphere” by A.Muzychka: methodology, historico-cultural context

Yablonska O. V.

In the present study an analysis is made of the methodological peculiarities of the monograph by A. Muzychka about Lesya Ukrainka’s life and creative work in the context of the development of the Ukrainian study of literature in the 1920’s. The critical reception given to the A. Muzychka’s paper is traced (including the preface by M. Kulish, and the articles by M. Zerov, M. Markovsky and others).

Proof is provided that the determinant ideological criteria in the literary conception of the researcher are caused by the sociologizing of the literary science.

Key words: historico-cultural context, methodology, ideological tasks of literature, the history of literature studies.

Full text in ukrainian.