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Lesja Ukrainka

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Tworki (1892, 1896)

Panorama of a psychiatric hospital in…

Panorama of a psychiatric hospital in the Tworki town near Warsaw

Photo late 19th cent. (?) from

In this hospital worked as a doctor Oleksandr Dragomanov – the younger brother of Elena Pchilka and Lesya Ukrainka’s uncle. Elena Pchilka with her daughters (Lesja and Olga) stayed with him for one week in the second half of May 1892.

For the second time, Lesja Ukrainka visited O. P. Dragomanov in Tworki from the end of June until the 12th (approximately) of July 1896. This visit caused the impact to short story The city of sadness" and drama "Sky-blue rose".

Nowadays, the Tworki town is included in the Pruszków town (16 km west of Warsaw). The modern address of the hospital is Pruszków, Partyzantów 2/4.

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