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Solovtsov theater in Kyiv

Solovtsov theater (modern B.…

Solovtsov theater (modern B. Khmelnitsky St., 5) in Kyiv

Photo of the 1890s from Wikipedia:

On January 3, 1894, Lesya Ukrainka visitedd this theater where was staged drama "The Fruits of Enlightenment" by L. Tolstoy’s. On February 4, 1894, she was in this theater at the play "Hamlet" by W. Shakespeare, and on February 5 – at the play "Sid" by P. Cornell. Two recent performances have interested her in the participation of the famous French tragedian .

It should be noted that the Solovtsov troupe rented a hall at the Bergognier House (pictured) for a long time, until it moved to its own house in 1898 (now the Franko National Drama Theater, Franko Square, 3).

Once again, Lesja Ukrainka visited this theater on October 8, 1898, when the Kharkiv Russian Opera Company presented J. Meyerber’s "Huguenots".