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Lesja Ukrainka

Encyclopedia of the life and works


Clinic in Kyiv (17 Shevchenko Boulevard; 1883, 1886)

Main building of Kyiv University…

Main building of Kyiv University Clinic on Shevchenko Boulevard, 17 (now – Kyiv City Clinical Hospital # 18)

Photo by M. I. Zharkikh November 10, 2008.

In early October 1883, father brought Lesja Ukrainka from Kolodjazhne to Kyiv and placed in a clinic of Kyiv University. October 11, prof. O. Ch. Rinek had her surgery for a left hand wrist with bone tuberculosis. November 11, 1883 Lesja was discharged from the clinic and placed at the relatives of P. A. Kosach – Maria Mikhailovna Kosach.

We do not know exactly where the clinic was located and how it looked at this time. The majestic corpus, pictured in our photo, only began to be built in 1882, and came into contact in 1885.

For the second time Lesja Ukrainka was put in this clinic around February 24, 1886. Prof. O. Ch. Rinek did not begin surgery, but appointed orthopedic treatment of the diseased right leg. In the clinic Lesja Ukrainka lay for one month (approximately until the end of March 1886), then she moved to the apartment M. M. Kosach on the Fundukleevska str. (now – B. Khmelnitsky str.).