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Lesja Ukrainka

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Hotel in Yalta (Sadova str., 29; 1907)

The house of the former hotel «Yalta»…

The house of the former hotel «Yalta» on the Sadova street, 29 in Yalta

Photo of 2019 with Yandex panoramas

On March 9, 1907, Lesja Ukrainka and Kliment Kvitka left Kyiv to Sevastopol (March 11) and then to Alupka (March 12) and Yalta, where they arrived on March 14, 1907. They stayed at the «Yalta» hotel on Sadova street and lived here until early April 1907. Then they rented an apartment in Rozanov’s villa.

This house has an address on the Sadova street, but the photo shows its view from the Lesja Ukrainka’s street (former Darsanovska street).