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Lesja Ukrainka

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Gadyach (1874 – 1898)

Panorama of Gadyach from Dragomanov’s…

Panorama of Gadyach from Dragomanov’s hill (phpto early 20th cent.)

Filed by edition: Lesja Ukrainka. – K.: Soviet School, 1979, p. 102.

In the 19th century the estate of Dragomanov family was situated on this hill, where Mikhail Dragomanov and his sister Olga Petrovna (Olena Pchilka) grew up here.

In Gadyach, in the family home lived Lesja Ukrainka’s grandmother by mother – Elizabeth Ivanovna Dragomanov (1821 – 1895). Lesja visited her several times with her family:

- 1874: in summer;

- 1883: from 29 June (arrival from Kolodjazhne) to 7 August (dates hereinafter referred to as Julian style);

- 1887: from August 21 (lived about two weeks);

- 1893: from June 8 to mid-July;

- 1898: from June 18 until the end of August (on August 17 in Gadyach, on September 5 – in Kiev);

In the following years (until 1906) Lesja Ukrainka passed through Gadjach to the Green Grove farm, where she spent the summer.

The grateful descendants destroyed this estate to the ground without leaving even the chips.

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