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Lesja Ukrainka

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Evpatoria (1891, 1908)

Apartment building on the Duvanska…

Apartment building on the Duvanska street 6, in Evpatoria

Photo of 2016 with Yandex panorama of streets

This house is remembered for the fact that from 10 (approximately) June to August 7, 1891, Ukrainian poetess Lesja Ukrainka lived here, her mother (Olena Pchilka) and brother Michael came to visit her.

Here Lesja Ukrainka was engaged in creative work, wrote additional sections to the story "Sorry", poetry "On the boat" (August 8), "Sleepless night", completed the poem "Moon legend” (August 4).

From Evpatoria, Lesja Ukrainka and her mother moved to the village Shabo near Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky.

For the second time, Lesja Ukrainka came to Evpatoria together with Kliment Kvitka on May 12, 1908. They settled in this house, where the sanatorium "Primorsky" was located at that time.

Here Lesja Ukrainka wrote poetry "Wave».

About July 15, 1908 the couple moved to Yalta.