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Lesja Ukrainka

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Chekno (1881)

Church of the Exaltation in the…

Church of the Exaltation in the village Chekno. Photo 2014

Chekno (Chekna) is now a very small village in the Mlyniv district of Rivne region.

In the spring of 1881, Olga Kosach brought the children (including Lesja Ukrainka) to Chekno so that they would listen to the freckles and see how they were being performed.

19 records folk songs made by Lesja Ukrainka have the designation "Chekna".

The village Chekno is so small that in 1971, when the authorities ordered to celebrate Lesja Ukrainka’s 100th anniversary, a memorial plaque about her stay here was erected in the neighboring village Jaroslavichi at the house of culture.

We don’t have any photos from the village Chekno – neither since Lesja Ukrainka’s stay here, nor later. There was only a photo of the church taken in 2014 – its grateful descendants have not yet had time to disassemble to scratch.