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Lesja Ukrainka

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Fragment of the case with inquiries about Lesja Ukrainka and her sister Olga

8. Kosach Larisa, Larisa Kosachivna in organizing and guess she is the same alias "Lesja Ukrainka". Known since 1902, when her address was found in a representative of the revolutionary organization "Iskra" Victor Nikolaevich Krochmal. She was in the city of Kiev under secret police surveillance.

Currently Kosach participated in the "Ukrainian Social- Democratic Labour Party Spilka" and their criminal activity was in dealing with the target at the Kiev provincial gendarmerie to the inquiry in the case of a "Kiev join council of organizations and affinity groups" Mikhail Kryvynjuk and living in the city Gadjach Dr. Alexander Petrovich Dragomanov, which led conspiratorial conversation.

9. Kosach Olga (Olga Kosach-Kryvenko) became known on May 30, 1903, when she came to Kiev from St. Petersburg, where was under special police surveillance.

Living in the city of Kiev in cohabitation with mentioned above Michael Kryvynjuk, Olga Kosach belonged to a prominent de [the end of photocopy].

After edition: Lesja Ukrainka. – Kyiv: Soviet school, 1979, p. 163.