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1900 Statement

1900 Statement - document about Lesja…

Statement by Lesja Ukrainka to the Society of Russian Dramatists and opera composers

Statement dated 2 (14) February 1900:

In society of Russian Dramatists and opera composers

from Lesja Ukrainka (Larysa Kosach)


I beg Society of Russian Dramatists adopting me as one of the members of the Society.

Followed for a membership fee of 25 rubles and the poster, certified that my dramatic work goes on stage – attached.

Author's nickname – Lesja Ukrainka. Real name – Larissa Kosach.

My address is the following:: in Kiev, Mariinsko-Blagoveschenska Street, 97, Larysa Kosach.

With true respect I remain -

Larissa Kosach

After edition: Lesja Ukrainka. – Kyiv: Soviet school, 1979, p. 114.